Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthdays, Motorcycles, and More!

So since the last blog we've had so much going on!

The best of which ((in my not so humble opinion!)) was my BIRTHDAY!!!! Time to brag on my amazing husband - he had the whole day planned for me and it was INCREDIBLE!!!! I was woken up with the smell of bacon in the air, kisses from my husband, and a rose. He had a string of notes with clues for my plans for my birthday, each with a rose and a present of some kind. He made a delicious breakfast and had a dozen roses on the breakfast table. I had to keep 6 month old (teething) Luna for the day but Andrew made sure my birthday was fun anyway and set-up with my friends to keep me entertained and kept the presents coming! While Andrew was at work my friend Hala took me out for my favorite... Starbucks! My friend Cheryl came over (with more Starbucks!) too! Andrew suprised me by coming home 3 hours before I expected him to spend my birthday with me! Once he got home I got a gift every 45 minutes... my big gift was a completely awesome Kitchen Aide 600 series mixer (which is the top of the line restaurant quality mixer!) Some might find that an odd gift, but I have been wanting a mixer for ages (pretty much since mine was stolen out of my storage unit) so I was STOKED! If anyone has ever questioned my domesticity, this should clear it up! My friend Tricia took me out for drinks at 5:30 and by the time I got home there were candles and rose petals leading to the house - a total of 60 red roses and 90 candles! When I walked into the house the whole place was full of candles and there were rose petals leading to where Andrew was..... Later I got to take a candlelit bubble bath while Andrew made the most wonderful dinner - bacon-wrapped filets, mashed potatoes, and garlic bread! After dinner we had cheesecake and my favorite champagne that I had been saving for my birthday (in the new champagne glasses that were a gift from my in-laws!) It really was the perfect birthday! Andrew also took me out dancing my "birthday weekend" to celebrate too :) Best. Husband. Ever. 

Also since my last post Andrew took a motorcycle safety course and got his motorcycle license! He's so excited about it and I'm super proud of him - he aced his test! He's been working 12 hour days all month so he's been incredibly busy! 

I've gotten to "christen" my new mixer and baked up a storm - sugar cookies, my Grandma's strawberry cake with homemade icing, and my masterpiece - Snickers cake! I have so enjoyed it! (But my oven has since broken for the fourth time in 2 months... really hoping our landlords will replace it this time!) We had friends over this weekend for dinner, which was a blast! I so enjoy cooking for people! 

I finished up my Servicing English Language Learners class (after investing over ten hours in my final project!) and I'm very proud to say I got another 'A', maintaining my 4.0, putting me in the top 15% of my class, and earning an invitation to the Golden Key National Honor Society! I also received clearance from Ashford to double my course load - I'll have a ton of work but it will allow me to finish in half the time (my classes will double on Sept. 26!) Which means I should officially be a teacher by 2013! I started my next class - Child and Adolescent Psychology! I should be an expert by now with as many classes (5) I've taken on the subject! Its a really heavy work load but I'm doing well with it so far and no matter how many classes I've had I still find the subject fascinating! 

Lots of great things going on in our lives right now! We have a lot coming up and a bunch of fun things to look forward to (I won't share now so it'll be a surprise later!) We're feeling really blessed - we thank God for our beautiful (slightly crazy) life everyday!

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