Monday, July 18, 2011

An absolutely WONDERFUL week

We've had such a great week! We spent last weekend relaxing and just enjoying each others company and getting ready for Tristan's visit. Its so great to be married to my best friend - I never get tired of spending time with him, even when we're doing nothing at all!

Tuesday Andrew treated me to a date night in Roseville! I ordered my bridesmaids dress for my sister's wedding - SO very excited to be her matron of honor! We had dinner at Outback - the only negative to our wonderful night was my car being backed into in the parking lot (at least insurance will be replacing the damages with a nice new bumper!) I finally found a comforter in the color I wanted for Tristan's room and we finished getting his room ready for his visit! We snuggled up and watched The Green Lantern too - I absolutely love that movie! 

Thursday was the day we've been looking forward to for awhile - Tristan's arrival! Andrew's parents brought him out so we got to spend some time with them too! Tristan was SO excited to see his dad - as we pulled up to the airport he was jumping up and down and shouting "DAD! DAD! DAD!!!" As soon as Andrew got out of the car Tristan was running full tilt for a hug. I don't think he let go of Andrew at all if he could help it - it was so precious. We had a delicious lunch at BJ's Brewery and enjoyed spending some time with my in-laws. (Quick aside - I am SO blessed to have the two best in-laws ever. They have been so outrageously kind and accepting and welcomed me into their family with open arms. I was truly touched when Diane called to tell me she was "so excited to finally have a daughter!" That was the moment I truly became part of the family - well, besides the obvious a few months later when Andrew and I said "I do!") After lunch mom and dad #2, as I affectionately refer to them, headed off to Napa Valley for Chris to get started working for a weekend concert and we took Tristan "home." After working so hard to get Tristan's room ready for him it was very rewarding for him to be so excited about his Cars room! We spent an hour or so playing and exploring his new room - the bonus to having two households for our kiddo is that all of his toys were brand-new to him again! He drug everrrryyyttthhiiinnngggggg out of his toy box and exclaimed over them! We also played in the cool sprinkler toy we got for him - not only does it spray water but you put a ball in and it shoots out of the top and floats on the water. Playing in the sprinklers morphed into us using the dogs' dishes to splash each other! Tristan was all smiles - he kept hiding behind his Emmy (me - short for extra mommy) and telling me to "wun!" when daddy came to splash him! We curled up to watch Despicable Me and both my boys drifted off to sleep after playing so hard all afternoon. 

Daddy and Tristan
at the airport
Tristan playing in his new room
Happy family after playing
in the sprinklers!

Friday morning we woke up to find Tristan curled up asleep with our bed skirt as a blanket surrounded by his motorcycles - we got a good laugh out of that! Andrew had to work so Tristan and I spent the day hanging out together! Before 8am I had been pounced on, shot (with a Nerf gun), hosted a motorcycle race on my legs, and cleaned up three times - a nice welcome to motherhood, I suppose! When Andrew got off work we drove up to Napa Valley to meet mom and dad #2 - Tristan was asleep after about only 2 minutes on the highway! We got to Napa Valley and met up with mom 2 at the beautiful Meritage Resort and took Tristan to the "poo" (we have to work on getting the 'L' into pool ha ha!) Tristan is our little fish - he loves swimming! After swimming we went to dinner at Rutherford Grill. They have THE most delicious prime rib sandwiches. Seriously. Tristan loved playing with the doodle board and drew us pictures all night! We were exhausted by the time we made it back to the hotel - I think we were all asleep within seconds of lights out! 
Tristan curled up by our bed
My boys in the pool
at the Meritage Resort
Tristan showing me his
art work - I asked if this
was a dinosaur to which
he replied "oh yep!"

Saturday dad 2 had to work all day so mom 2, Andrew, Tristan, and I headed out to explore Napa. We ended up at an Arts Festival, which was really neat. Tristan is such a good eater - I was worried he wouldn't like the gourmet food at the festival but he loved his chicken waldorf sandwich! There was the cutest little dog in one of the specialty shops named "Romeo" that became fast friends with Tristan. We had to treat ourselves to some delicious pastries from Bouchon Bakery, too. Tristan and Andrew headed over to Robert Mondavi winery where dad 2 was getting set-up for the Festival del Sole concert to hang with "Papaw" for the afternoon. Andrew tells me Tristan was absolutely fascinated at all the neat stage stuff going on! My mom 2 and I had some girl time and went for a champagne tasting at Mumm - it reminded me of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful mother-in-law! The Festival del Sole was an absolute BLAST! The legendary David Foster performed, accompanied by the Canadian Tenors, Rueben Studdard, Kenny "Baby Face" Edwards, and Cherice. At the end of every song Tristan would jump up with a huge smile on his face and give a standing ovation! He danced and "sang" along with daddy and Emmy too - it was so adorable! After the concert we got to go back stage and enjoy a private reception for the performers and workers thanks to dad 2. Tristan was a being quite the show-off, hamming it up for his growing audience - by the end of the night all the celebrities were huge Tristan fans! When Rueben Studdard walked over to meet us Tristan looked him up and down and announced "whoa!" He was a really big man - with a kindness that matched his height! When he picked up Tristan for a hug Tristan giggled and instruced him to "sing!" We cracked up! We got to meet David Foster, Baby Face, the Canadian Tenors, the pianist Bo, and the drummer Ken (who was slipping Tristan M&Ms all night) also! It was really a neat experience! 

At Bouchon Bakery 
The boys enjoying the
Festival del Sole

The boys dancing at the concert
Tristan and American Idol
winner, Rueben Studdard
Tristan and the legendary
David Foster

Sunday we were all worn out so we slept in - including Tristan! We hung out at the hotel and had breakfast before heading over to Rubicon Estates. Tristan had a great throwing pennies into the fountain, smelling all the flowers, and playing an ant smashing game on my phone while we enjoyed a wine tasting. We went to the Oakville Grocery, which serves all organic and locally made food and had a picnic lunch before heading back to our house. Tristan was excited to show Papaw and D his Cars room and all his toys so we had some serious playtime when we got back to our house! I made dinner and we enjoyed an evening of family time. 

Tristan and daddy at Rubicon

Our family at Rubicon
Today mom and dad 2 headed back to Nashville - Tristan spent the morning playing with Papaw before they left. I was grateful to have them here so Tristan was entertained while I finalized my final paper for my psychology class - I'm officially finished with my first class through Ashford University! My next class, Servicing English Language Learners, begins tomorrow. Tristan and I are enjoying some T and Emmy time while we wait for daddy to come home from work - not sure what we're going to get into the rest of the day but I'm sure we'll have fun as usual! 

Tristan enjoying some
quality time with Emmy!

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